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Women in STEM Still Needed
International Symposium
ADVANCEment of Women in STEM

WiSE would like to thank all those who helped plan, organize, and facilitate the first International Symposium, including Marina Artuso, Shobha Bhatia, Karin Ruhlandt-Senge, Gina Lee-Glauser, Corri Zoli, Sharon Alestalo, Heather Fitzpatrick, Lifang Wang, and Sean Miskell.


We are also greatly appreciative of the support provided by the Syracuse University Humanities Center and its director, Dr. Gregg Lambert.


A special thank you is also extended to Chancellor Nancy Cantor and Provost Eric Spina for their support of women faculty, the Women in Science and Engineering Program and this symposium.

Networking Across the Globe

"An international symposium on the status of women STEM faculty from their perspective."


Program Agenda

A handbook containing the contributing members for the symposium, the symposium program, the speaker biographies, abstracts for each presentation, and the original white paper can be found here.


October 8, 2010 Presentations


Introductory Panel: Status of Women Faculty at the National and International Level


Shobha Bhatia, Ph.D.  How Successful Have Initiatives Aimed at Increasing Gender Equity in the STEM Disciplines Been in the United States?


Valerie Davidson, Ph.D.  Status of Women Faculty in Canada


Patricia Rankin, Ph.D.  Science is Global - Can We Take a Global Approach to Diversifying the Science Workforce?


Morning Panel: Effective National/Institutional Policies


Sanae M.M. Iguchi-Ariga, Ph.D.  For Development and Sustainability of Female Researchers' Career: Practice and Perspectives in Japan.


Patricia Rankin, Ph.D.  What I Would Do if I Ruled the World - Policies and Programs that Advance Excellence.


Maria Trigueros Gaisman, Ph.D.


Afternoon Panel: Promising Institutional and Departmental Practices that Advance Women in STEM


Valerie Davidson, Ph.D.  Promising Institutional and Departmental Practices that Advance Women's Careers in STEM: Some Canadian examples.

Giovanna Declich, Ph.D.  Practicing Gender Equality in Science: Suggestions for Academic and Research Institutions Resulting from Current Good Practice in Europe and Abroad.


Kimiko Fukuda, Ph.D.   Promoting Gender Equality in the field of Science and Technology in Japan


Marc Sher, Ph.DDual Career Academic Couples