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WiSE Faculty Mentors

WiSE Faculty mentors are drawn from the 13 departments affiliated with WiSE and are crucial to the success and efficacy of WiSE-FPP.


WiSE Faculty Mentors perform a variety of tasks that enrich the program, including mentoring WiSE-FPP Associates, hosting WiSE events and workshops and lending support, skills and expertise to the development of WiSE programming.

"The slow progress made in recruiting, retaining and advancing women STEM faculty in the academy is a global issue."

Marina Artuso

2013 - 2014 WiSE Faculty Mentors



Dr. Marina Artuso is a professor in the Physics Department and joined Syracuse University in 1986. In 2008, she was the recipient of Syracuse University’s Chancellor’s Citation for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction. She received her Ph.D. degree from Northwestern University. Artuso is an international leader in developing, designing, and constructing novel detector technologies and electronics for elementary particle physics experiments.  She has been actively engaged in the experimental study of the quark mixing parameterization and the physics task force that evaluated the potential of electron positron colliders to discover CP violation asymmetries in B meson decays. She participated in the R&D toward the CLEO II silicon detector. She led the design and production of the readout electronics for the CLEO III Ring Imaging Detector.



Professor Amy CrissDr. Amy Criss is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department. Dr. Criss’ research interests broadly include the development of computational models of human memory. Dr. Criss is the recipient of several research awards including a CAREER award from NSF, which current funds her research lab. In addition to her WiSE service, Dr. Criss is a faculty mentor for the SU Psychology Research Initiative in Diversity Enhancement (PRIDE) program, which serves undergraduates from under-represented groups.


Laura Lautz informal Dr. Laura Lautz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth

Sciences. Dr. Lautz is the recipient of several research grants and

has authored numerous publications. Dr. Lautz’s research interests

include understanding how physical hydrologic processes influence

water quality and movement through watersheds, and her courses

include hydrogeology, advanced hydrology and field methods, as well

as groundwater modeling and  environmental geology.


Dr. Kate Lewis Dr. Kate Lewis is an Associate Professor of Biology. Dr. Lewis is author of numerous publications and a recipient of several research grants. Her research investigates spinal cord interneurons, neuronal circuitry and the evolution of spinal cord patterning and function. Under her direction, Dr. Lewis’ lab, consisting of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as Postdoctoral Research Associates, is making great strides towards developing treatments for nervous system disorders and diseases.



Dr. SusanProfessor Susan Older Older is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Older’s research examines the semantics of programming languages, the logics of programs, formal methods and information-assurance and computer-science education. Dr. Older is also the program director for the Certificate of Advanced Study in Systems Assurance (CASSA), which trains students to comprehend, apply and critically analyze and evaluate security and system assurance.