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Involvement in WiSE will support retention and advancement of women faculty. G.M. Combs (2003) found that both gender and race impact access to networks. Furthermore, Combs found that “having effective informal social networks, with sufficient intimacy and utility, may weigh heavily as a factor for career success.”


Shobha Bhatia

WiSE Faculty Director

Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor

Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering

Combs, G.M. (2003). The duality of race and gender for managerial African American women: Implications of informal social networks on career advancement. Human Resource Development Review. 2 (4), 385-405.



FPP - Future Professionals Program for nominated women STEM graduate and doctoral students.
PDM - Post Doctoral Mentoring Program for women STEM post doctoral fellows.
WoC - WiSE Women of Color for women in STEM from underrepresented groups

WiSE Calendar

Spring 2017

Date, Time, & Location

Event Information



Friday, April 14th




Breakfast with Brigid Hogan, Norma Slepecky Lecturer for Biology Grad Students & Postdocs

Lundgren Room (LSC 106)


Friday, April 14th




Norma Slepecky Lecture by

Dr. Brigid Hogan and Presentation of


Research Awards

Life Sciences Auditorium 001

Thursday, April 20th


Women of Color in STEM

Monthly Meeting


Noble Room

Hendricks Chapel


Friday, April 28th


WiSE/GSO Scientific

Writing Workshop

with Liz Paley

Bird Library 001



Wednesday, May 3rd



WiSE-FPP Portfolios Due

Email to smwyatt@syr.edu