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Women in STEM Still Needed
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ADVANCEment of Women in STEM


Publications and Reports


2015 Fall Newsletter (PDF 355 kb)

2015 Spring Newsletter (PDF 678 kb)

2014 Fall Newsletter (PDF 851 kb)

2013-2014 Newsletter (PDF 467 kb)

Spring 2013 Newsletter (PDF 1.46mb)

Fall 2012 Newsletter

News Articles

WiSE-FPP 2015-2016 Cohort


WiSE-FPP Cohort

featured in Daily Orange

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featured in SU News

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Alexis Pena in LabAriel Ash-Shakoor in Lab"Women of Color Blaze Lonely Trail in Sciences"

Article by Brooke Lewis for the Syracuse Post-Standard


Cartoon of Women in STEM from SU's Daily Orange Newspaper




"Growing WiSER"

Article by Sara Swann for The Daily Orange

Cartoon by Julianna Meddick


Success Mapping Workshop for SUNY-ESF

Led by WiSE Director Sharon Alestalo and SU Physics Professor Dr. Marina Artuso

October 20, 2015

Strength Assessment Chart (PDF 333 KB)

Apollo Future Work Skills Executive Summary (PDF 738 KB)

Apollo Permission for Future Work Skills Executive Summary (PDF 150 KB)

Link to Apollo Research Insitute (Offsite)


SU WiSE Women Faculty: Going Above and Beyond for Women in STEM


February 18, 2015

SU WiSE Women Faculty Report (PDF 454KB)

Future Work Skills 2020 Executive Summary (738 KB)


Finding Mentors in a Networked World (SU Advance)

Workshop for Graduate School led by Sharon Alestalo

May 15, 2014

Finding Mentors in a Networked World (PDF 661KB)


Engaging Volunteer Minors (under 18 years) at SU

March 13, 2014

Risk Management Presentation (PDF 78.43KB)

Hands-on opportunities in science and engineering, especially with women faculty, are critical experiences for young women in high school. It is important that faculty continue with these kinds of outreach activities. However today’s realities mandate that risk and other safety management practices be put in place. The following PowerPoint presentation “Volunteer Minors in Sciences and Engineering: Procedural and Risk Management Considerations” offers guidance and related policies developed by the Office of Equal Opportunities, Inclusion and Resolution Services (EOIRS) for your use.  It is advisable to check in with EOIRS prior to engaging a minor as the information is continually reviewed and updated.


Stress Management Workshop with Wendy Harrold

December 19, 2013

Powerpoint Presentation (PDF 1.1mb)


Strengthening Your References October 12, 2012
Powerpoint and Quick Tips on References


Career Mapping Workshop November 2, 2012

Fall 2012 Career Mapping for Success (PDF 277kb)

Fall 2012 Future Work Skills 2020 Executive Summary (PDF 747kb)

Fall 2012 Self Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses (PDF 96kb)

Fall 2012 Syracuse University Campus Resources (PDF 70kb)



WiSE-FPP Year End Report 2012-2013 (PDF 2.83mb)

WiSE Undergraduate Research History and 2008 Evaluation (PDF 2.60mb)

WiSE Graduate Research History and 2008 Evaluation (PDF 2.80mb)

Publications and Scholarship

Miraglia, S., Alestalo, S. W., Bhatia, S.K. (2012, June). Women becoming WiSE: Gender, professional development and programming for Success. 2012 ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, San Antonio Texas.  ISBN: 978-0-87823-241-3


Women in Science and Engineering. (2012). Three-year report: Fall 2008-Fall 2011. Syracuse, New York.


Alestalo, S.W., Alford, K., Cutler, D., Bhatia, S., & Ruhlandt-Senge. (2011, June). Engaging men faculty in creating equity for women STEM faculty in academia. Paper presented at WEPAN National Conference, Seattle, Washington.


Bhatia, S., & Amati, J.P. (2010). "If these women can do it, I can do it too": Building women engineering leaders through graduate peer mentoring. ASCE Leadership and Management in Engineering, 10(4), 174-184.


Zoli, C., Bhatia, S.K., Davidson, V., & Rusch, K. (2008). Engineering: Women and leadership. San Rafael, CA: Morgan & Claypool Publishers. ISBN: 9781598296686 (paperback) or 9781598296693 (ebook).


To order this book go to www.morganclaypool.com.